A mortarboard cap. College can be expensive, but with financial planning, you can graduate with minimal debt.In modern America, a college education is almost a necessity, but it can also be incredibly expensive. If you are expecting children, or if you have children, now is the time to start saving for their education.

With enough foresight, saving, and budgeting, it can be possible to send your children to college and have them graduate debt-free.

If you are going to be going to college, you should also start saving now.

There are lots of links with information about college and saving for college, in addition to a number of useful calculators.

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For a 17-minute long PowerPoint presentation with an emphasis on education and retirement decisions presented by California State University, Northridge professors, click here.

For useful information and tips from Practical Money Skills for Life, click here.

For information from the Financial Planning Association, click here.


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