Welcome to the Center for Financial Planning & Investment’s Education section.

Our goal is to provide links to instructional material that can help beginners learn about personal finance. Therefore, we have provided eight broad categories of educational topics pertaining to finance, as found on the right of this screen or from the drop-down menu. On each page under these categories, such as the page on “taxes” or “credit cards,” you’ll find some introductory information about the page’s topic that will highlight a few links.  In addition to the page’s main text, be sure to focus on the right-hand side bar, which can be found on many pages.  This sidebar will  filled with different links relating to the topic, along with a very short description of the link. Don’t worry; you don’t have to go through all of them if you don’t want to.

Some of the links on this site will have educational content, some will have basic information, and some will just be links to useful resources, such as different types of financial calculators. Please note, the Center for Financial Planning & Investment does not necessarily endorse any of the external websites. You click those at your own risk.

Throughout the website, we will be referring to sections in the textbook “Personal Finance: Skills for Life” by Vickie Bajtelsmit (published by John Wiley & Sons). Follow this link for more information about this book and an opportunity to purchase it at a deeply discounted price! We will also be providing links to free PowerPoint presentations which are designed to illustrate points in “Personal Finance: Skills for Life.”

Whatever you’re looking for in the realm of learning personal finance, we hope to have something to help you.

Now, are you ready? If so, let’s get started.