The mission of the Center for Financial Planning & Investment is to promote and develop financial planning and investment education and to better prepare our students for careers in the financial planning and investing industry, for life-long learning, and for service to their communities. The Center is committed to building valued community partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships with financial planning and investment companies, the financial planning and investment industry, and the broader community served by the University and the College of Business and Economics.

Consistent with the Missions and Values of the University and College and the Mission of the Center, the purpose of the Center is to:

  1. Promote curriculum development and the provision of innovative educational programs;
  2. Promote the professional growth and development of faculty, students, and professionals in the fields of financial planning and investment;
  3. Increase communication among faculty, students, and professionals in the financial planning and investment fields;
  4. Support the pursuit of scholarly projects and publications related to financial planning, investments, and personal financial applications of finance, real estate, and insurance. The scope of these efforts will include theoretical, applied, and pedagogical inquiry related to the aforementioned areas of study;
  5. Serve as an educational resource for the students and faculty at California State University, Northridge.
  6. Serve as an educational resource for the broader community including public presentations, online and traditional information and publications, and personal financial planning and investment education, research, and training.


Membership is open to all interested faculty, staff, administrators, and students of the College of Business and Economics and the University and others who have demonstrated an interest in financial planning or investment education and/or have contributed to the development of theory, knowledge, and practice in this area.